General Construction

NCS takes our extensive experience on general construction project to develop competitive and accurate quotes. Our relationships with many subcontractors, allows us to provide the best and most complete pricing. While the general construction bid model does not allow much influence from NCS on the design of the project, we use our experience to review the project during the bidding process and provide the best building strategy for the design provided.

Building Rehab

NCS understands the importance of paying special attention to the small details required to preserve historic architecture. We keep this in mind as we rehabilitate the structure to not lose the historic elements that tell the buildings history. With NCS’s history as an experience general contractor and our attention to detail, this makes us excellent at building rehabilitation. We take pride in being a part of the preservation of history.

System Design Management

Taking advantage of NCS through the Design/build model, it gives the owner the operational advantage of a single contract with the ability to fast-track the work from concept to completion. NCS coordinates all aspects of the design build activities allowing the owner to have just one point to contact to coordinate the project activities with throughout the project. If you choose NCS as your design building contractor, we will provide the same excellent service and attention to detail throughout the entire project.